Vegetarian / Vegan Menu

We understand that yourself or some of your guests may have special dietary needs, hence we offer a number of options for your Vegetarian guests. If you have any specific needs outside this please see our Dietary Requirements page.


  • Pasta
    Butternut Pumpkin Pansoti Pasta, Ricotta, Pine Nuts, River Flats Olive Butter (v)
  • Goats Cheese
    Roasted Beetroot and Binnorie Goats Cheese Salad, Grilled Pear, Rocket, Apple Balsamic Reduction, Walnut (v)
  • Bruschetta
    Duo of Bruschetta, Tomato – Basil and Green Pea – Feta

Main Course

  • Risotto
    Sundried Tomato and Mushroom Risotto, Rocket, Lemon, Balsamic
  • Salad
    Classic Salad Nicoise, Potato, Tomato, Beans, Cucumber, Olives, Soft Boiled Egg, Olive Oil and Mustard Dressing
  • Curry
    Paneer Makhani, Cumin Infused Basmati Rice, Papadums

Vegetarian Pricing
Vegetarian Meals are charged at the same rate as the main sit down menu pricing.

If you would like more information please Contact Us